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El Barrio Bikes promotes inclusivity and works to eliminate barriers to biking in East Harlem.

We build confidence and enthusiasm around biking through events, programming, and advocacy!

Communi ty

Check out the opportunities below to join a citywide ride or visit a potential ride destination. To add your event to this calendar, email elbarriobikes@gmail.com

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Brought to you by El Barrio Bikes and
Randall's Island Park Alliance.

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Bike Leaders' Spotlight   

We have Group Bike Leaders that are dedicated to providing family friendly, fun, safe rides for all.  Here we shine a spotlight on a few.  More spotlight recognition will be available soon.


Eric Graham

" I enjoy taking cyclists' to destinations that they might not have been too.  is rewarding to see the smiles on the cyclists; faces when they reach these destinations and accomplish their goals."

Adalgisa Rivera

"I love seeing people in the beginning having concerns and fears come back and end up being so happy and full of joy after being able to complete a ride or conquer a hill.  I also love to see people eventually increase their riding distance.  It brings me so much joy seeing them light up when they have reached another milestone in there city cycling journey thanks to our support."


Philippa Godoy

I love seeing people come together to explore their limits, form community around a shared effort or just have fun and light up from being outside, making new friends and even breaking a sweat.

Anna Kemeny

I graduated from bike leader training in 2018. The training gave me a better understanding of road rules, traffic safety, group dynamics and helped me consider accessible routes for my group rides.  It also gave me more confidence as a solo cyclist.  As a ride leader, I love meeting the people who attend and hearing about their experiences cycling and being active in the community! Almost all of my rides go to Randall's Island because I use to work there and continue to lead rides for their organization.  It's also a great place for riders who are less comfortable on city streets.  When not biking, I am probably studying-I'm currently getting my masters degree in urban planning.  I also enjoy running, gardening and swimming.

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Tara Mardigan

I graduated from Bike Leader Training in 2019.  The group training helped me learn the details and nuances that go into planning and leading a successful and safe group ride.  I really enjoy working with brand new riders and those nervous about riding on NYC streets.  I also love helping people use CitbiBikes for the first time.  I aim to empower others, help them navigate the neighborhood, and find the hidden gems of the community.  When I am not bike riding, I enjoy running, leading group walks, coaching, eating delicious foods, and visiting the Adirondack Mountains.

Rachel Cutler


I graduated training in 2018 and the best part of it was meeting others in my community who are passionate about cycling, learning about our neighborhoods, and making healthy living accessible to everyone.  When I am not conducting group rides I enjoy triathlons, running, coaching, Veganism, and traveling. 


Katlyn McGraw

I graduated from Bike Leader Training in 2022.  The training has taught me leadership, safety, and logistics in planning and conducting group rides.  I love to bike and I am excited to share and spread the joy of biking to others.  I like to lead low-stress, scenic rides.  My rides will be along rivers with opportunities to interact with green spaces.  When I am not biking I enjoy listening to music, roller skating, dancing, being around flowers/nature and reading. 

Ariana DeJesus-Rodriguez

I graduated from Bike Leader Training in 2022.  The training made me aware of things to consider when planning group rides and highlighted the importance of safety measures that accompany group rides.  I am grateful that I am now able to share my love for the outdoors with others.  I want to lead bike rides along the water.  When I am not bike riding I enjoy running, hiking, softball, and reading. 

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David James

I graduated Bike Leader training in 2022.  I learned so much and enjoyed how passionate the instructor was with the subject.  I now feel confident leading group rides.  I also feel like I am a member of an exclusive team.  I can't wait to lead bike rides which include seeing nature in different parts of the city.  When I am not biking riding, I enjoy running, hiking, eating great food, and meeting new people.

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